Pott 2.0 Egg Cup Solid Mustard Green

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This new and improved ei-Pott egg cup's design is inspired by Apple's iPod with its screen shaped tray and 'button' pot. This techy design makes this egg cup a nice and easy way to enjoy a hard-boiled egg whilst being able to keep any mess in the little side tray. The Koziol ei-Pott 2.0 Egg Cups make a stunning addition to a table setting - a uniform design with a bright, vibrant presence. You could say they are egg-cellent! This red egg cup and tray fits eggs of all sizes and is useful for keeping salt and pepper sachets and a teaspoon space provided. It's like a little boat for your egg if it were setting off on an adventure, of course we all know how his journey will end - eaten by a Kraken!

Dimensions: 8 x 12 cm